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EDF: 90mm, Minimum thrust 4 kg. Midi-Fan evo/ HET 650-68-1130 WeMoTec ( not included) - Lipo cell: 8-12 cells / 5000mAh 60C (not included) - Esc 120-160. Ilipo-range. Download iLipo Brochure. iLipo – Award winning and Leading Non- Surgical Fat Reduction & Body-shaping technology manufactured by Energist. Input Voltage: 4-12 NiCd/NiMH cells (1.2V per cell) or 4S LiPo cell; Weight: 49g / 1.72 oz; Size: 35mm/1.37inch x Instruction manual: Click here to download. Team Orion - Engineered Performance. Race Proven.

Frsky XMPF3E Flight Control Board Built-in F3 EVO and XM+ Specifications: Download the Manual Load current: 7.0A Lipo cell. EDF: 90mm, Midi-Fan evo/ HET 650-68-1130 WeMoTec (not included). - Lipo cell : 10-12 cells / 5000mAh 60C (not included). - Esc 120-160 A Phoenix Castle. Windows PC and connects to your DNA 250 using the USB port. Click Here to Download EScribe · EScribe Interactive Training Course · EScribe User Manual.

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